Sunday, June 9, 2013


The part that was strange for me was how quiet it became when I found my way to the Chapel. There was water noises dripping from every corner and a hollow echo feeling to the building. Each footstep I made ricochet into the emptiness. But the chapel... when I stepped inside, it was like being sucked into a vacuum. Everything. Suddenly. Was silent. It had an eerie, yet peaceful quality to it that I can't explain. And then in the next room there were dozens of tables and chairs set up in rows. The tables were covered with cheap, translucent, hideous green tablecloths. It looked like it was the sad party that never happened. And then I wonder about the office: who leaves and doesn't take any of their stuff with them? It's as if they were planning on coming back tomorrow. This is what I love about these derelicts. Those tomorrows never come but strange moments are frozen in time as if shot by bad Polaroid--you can sort of make out the details... but not really.

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